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What is this place?

This website is mostly a personal project of mine. I made this site because I was tired of niche femboy spaces being filled with lewdness and fetishization. I have tons of overly ambitious ideas for this site so be sure to check in often as it is always under construction. This webpage is hosted on both fem.lol and femboyfinder.neocities.org the former being more up to date (usually).

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About Me

Hello! My name is Jophiel (jo·fee·ell). I'm a femboy from the United States. Ever since I discovered neocities ive wanted to make a website of my own. I don't really know any one site that inspired me to learn to code but I really hope I can inspire others to at least learn some HTML or CSS ❤️


This Site

Website News

September 22, 2023: I finished remaking my site, I also created my own chatting web app with the same features as cbox

August 30, 2023: This is when I realized my website looked like shit so I redid everything in my own style

August 5, 2023: I recreated the Cat Tennis game in javascript AND it doesnt sell your data to the chinese!! Boy i wonder what you need to click to get there.

Febuary 21, 2023: I made a music player and finished a dedicated chatroom page!!

Febuary 21, 2023: I made a(n attempt of a) button for the website and a marquee to display other website buttons. I also added more music and generally cleaned up the website looks wise.

Febuary 18, 2023: I added sproinky doinky music to the website along with a guest book for people to sign :)

Febuary 17, 2023: FemboyFinder.neocities.org recieved its first major overhaul!!! (I stole my entire website layout from onio.cafe, In fact, this website news is in tribute to his page)

Febuary 14, 2023: FemboyFinder.neocities.org was officially up and running :)


  1. Make website responsive for mobile
  2. Resources Directory
  3. Website Static Site Generator
  4. Music
  5. Ambient Effects



Gang Affiliations

These are all of the webrings I am apart of!!!

Cool Sites!!

links to spider's website links to komichi's website links to onio's site, the one that I originally copied